Gold Verse (Pasuk) Talit

(Price without Tax for non Israeli customers)


“Vetzivanu Leitatef be Tzitzit”

This is a Tallit with a verse written on it.

This Tallit has gold color applications.

You can select the size, stripes color and fabric type.

The Tallit comes with a Tallit and Tefillin bags

*does not include Kippah


״ברכי נפשי את ד׳״- תהילים ק״ג,א (“My soul, bless the Lord” Psalms 103:1) is embroidered in the center of the classic atarah.

A single long leaf is embroidered at both ends of the verse and two small leaves are also at the talit corners.

The gold leaf can be found on the included bags for talit & tefilin.

Comes in three sizes, two wool fabric options, and five stripe styles.

The entire set is embroidered by hand and made in Israel.

No kippah included

100% wool

White Tzitzit

Kosher Mehadrin

Width = 0.00000000
Height = 0.00000000