Clear Gray Glass Lights Hanukiah


Chanukah or in other is a holiday full of light and color.
This is an amazing a clear gray glass chanukiah
The artist has chosen to use a lot of color in chanukah and colored glass in his favorite material.
In cooperation with one of the greatest artists in glass mouth blowing technique in Moreno It

Available: 9999 in stock

This Clear Gray Hanukiah was blown by Avi Luvaton using the famous murano glass technique in Murano, Italy.

The clear gray glass parts were flown to Israel and then constructed to form this majestic masterpiece.

It has a strong metal base with a special rhodium finish to prevent having to polish it and to maintain the luxurious silver color.

This hanukia can be displayed year-round as an incredible artwork and functional Judaica.

Materials: Brass, clear gray murano glass, rhodium polish

Width = 16.00000000
Height = 27.50000000