Blue – Silver Star of David Tallit

(Price without Tax for non Israeli customers)


This is a Tallit with a star of David design.

This Tallit has a beautiful combination of Blue and Silver colors.

You can select the size, stripes color and fabric type.

The Tzitzit comes with a Tallit and Tefillin bags

*dose not include a Kippah


This blue to silver ombré talit set was assembled in Israel with hand embroidered detailing.

It has a single Jewish star in each corner that surrounds the tzitzit.

You can choose the 100% wool fabric type, talit size, and stripe pattern.

A unique magen david talit bag was made especially for carrying this incredible talit.

A smaller matching bag for tefilin is also included.

White Tzitzit

Kosher Mehadrin

No Kippah

Width = 0.00000000
Height = 0.00000000