Blue Rhodium Plated Vitrage Hanukiah

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A great gift for chanukah.
This chanukah menorah is part of the Avi Luvaton’s vitrage collections.
This hanukiah is rhodium plated and has beautiful blue colored glass vitrage.
You are invited to order this chanukia along with the vitrage tzedakah box.

Available: 9999 in stock

The Blue Rhodium Plated Vitrage Hanukia is a modern yet traditional styled stained glass hanukia.

It complements the mezuzas, seder plates and tzedaka boxes with the 3D water flower imagery and has water lilie and cattail designs starting at the bottom of the hanukia that grow upwards over the beautiful vitrage glass.

You can customize this stunning hanukia by the plated finish and stained glass color.

Width = 13.00000000
Height = 13.00000000