Blue Rainbow collection Dreidel

(Price without Tax for non Israeli customers)


This is more than just a kids toy.

This dreidel is a great gift for Hanukkah and is made for top quality luxurious materials.

This Dreidel is part of the beautiful rainbow collection and it has an amazing pearl – Blue color.

Available: 1000 in stock

Gorgeous hand painted Blue Rainbow Dreidel.

Has the dome structure found in other Rainbow Collection pieces that reflects the stunning blue and gold colors painted on this dreidel.

Has painted Hebrew letters “ג,” “נ,” “ה,” and “פ.”

Materials: Brass, Rhodium non-tarnish polish, paint, gold detailing, and stone embellishments.

Great collector’s item or decorative piece!

Width = 3.10000000
Height = 2.50000000