Black And White Verse (Pasuk) Talit


This tallit or tzitzit is made form an elegant wool.

The tallit includes a Verse (Pasuk)  on the Atarah. black letters on a white background.

The tzitzit can be ordered in 3 sizes.

This product includes a matching tallit and tefillin bags.


ויהי נעם ד׳ אלוהינו עלינו״- תהילים צ׳ י״ז

“And may the pleasantness of the Lord our God be upon us,” located in Psalm 90:17 is the embroidered verse on this talit.
Two small modern leaf flower designs are added to either end of the atarah and also the talit corners.

The same design is on the bags (talit &tefilin) that belong to this Black and White Verse set.

The size, stripes, and fabric type can be customized.

The set doesn’t come with a kippah.

100% wool

White Tzitzit

Kosher Mehadrin

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Height = 0.00000000