Brit Milah Pillow

The Brit Milah Pillow was designed and assembled in the Luvaton textile studio using the finest materials. The great attention paid to detail makes this a must have item and perfect brit milah gift.

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Bris pillow

It is available in different pastel colors and can include special verses used for the brit milah ceremony. There is also an option to personalize the pillow and embroider a family name. Bris Pillow

Brit Milah: The covenant with G’d

Family and friends are gathered together to witness one of the most important ceremonies in the short life of the baby boy who has just joined the community. He is about to seal his covenant with G’d, a covenant made by jewish newborns since the days of Abraham, the founding father of Judaism.

Eight days have passed since he first saw the light and now it is time for his personal commitment to God, which symbolizes also the idea of eternal Jewish continuity. 

Lying on a special Bris Pillow that keeps him comfortable and warm, his mother will hand him to the designated messengers who will bring the baby to the part of the room where the circumcision will take place. Once the brit is complete, the infant will be returned to his mother in the same way.

Brit Milah Pillow: Holding the new life

The role of the Brit milah pillow could not be more fundamental for the new parents: it becomes the baby’s shelter in one of the most crucial moments of his life as a jew, beautifully holding him and keeping him comfortable before, during and after the circumcision ceremony. 

Not only is the pillow the means through which the baby passes from his mother to his father’s arms, it is also where he lies at the moment of being placed on the lap of the sandek, the one who holds the baby during the circumcision. 

A specially decorated and embroidered pillow or cushion is a symbol of the importance of the ritual taking place, the most meaningful and emotional for a jewish family. 

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